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    Newlacecu is a factory in China.
    Our factory is in Qingdao and you’ll be welcome if you ‘ll want visit us.
    We produce hair replacement systems and wigs.

    you can see man hair systems here

    and woman hair systems in this other link

    You can see our systems gallery on

    This is the first forum about hair replacement system and wigs whit no intermediaries or reselleres.

    Finally you can be in touch directly whit the factory and have the best systems at best prices.

    I’m Giuseppe, the commercial of Newlacecu, my English is no perfect, but i hope you can bear this thing and stay in touch whit me and help my English to be better and better.

    I’m sure our hair systems are the best and i’m sure you’ll love them, a lot of reselleres use them and now you can buy them directly from us.

    Today whit this forum you can be finally in contact directly whit factory …help us to becom bigger and bigger.
    Write here and help this forum to become the most important hair replacement forum in the world.

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